ISTQB® Certified Tester - Expert Level, Improving the Testing Process

An Expert Level certificate demonstrates mastery of a particular testing subject and brings several advantages for a professional tester. From a Knowledge Perspective it proves that holders have an overview of current best practices for a specific Topic.

They have the ability to select the best solutions for specific project contexts and to assess the value of new trends & hypes

Part 1: Assessing Test Process
- Different approaches to test process improvement
- Analytical approaches to test process assessment
- assessing test processes using models
- creating test process improvement recommendations

Part 2: Implementing Test Process Improvement
- Creating and implementing a test improvement plan
- practical improvement skills
- organizing the test process improvement efforts (roles, organizational forms)
- Managing process Change (human aspects, critical success factors)

ISTQB® Certified Tester - Expert Level, Improving the Testing Process


Board / Organization
International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®)


Course: English | Exam: English


Target Audience
The Expert Level extends the knowledge and experience obtained at the Advanced Level by providing in-depth, practically-oriented certifications in a range of different testing subjects. With Expert Level ISTQB® offers career paths for testers with clearly defined business outcomes.


- Hold the ISTQB CT- FL Certificate
- Hold the ISTQB CT- AL, Test Manager Certificate
- At least 5 years of practical testing experience
- At least 2 years of industry experience in test process improvement

Repeat the exam or achieve 200 "Certification Extension Credits" (CEC):
CECs may be achieved in a number of Areas. For example:
- perform a professional testing activity
- write a testing article or book
- take a relevant Training course
- teaching a relevant Training course
- attend a testing conference
- present at a testing conference
- actively participate in an ISTQB related Working Group (National Board, SIGIST, ISTQB)




Part 1: Multiple-Choice (25 questions - 35 Points)

Part 2: Essay (answer 2 of 3 questions - 50 Points per question)
Exam Duration: 135 minutes (34 minutes time Extension for non-native Speakers)
Minimum of 65% must be reached (88/ 135 Points)


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Expert Level certificate is valid for 5 years.